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Red Couch: @Zingah_LOTJ On Rebranding x Letting Go Of The Past

"Sh! became so loud that I couldn't even hear my own thoughts, and if you can't hear your own thoughts you're definitely lost." - Zingah

We sat down with Zingah, formerly Smashis, to talk about why he decided to do a whole rebrand with the name change. He explains that it's a process of shedding habits and associations that came with "Smashis". Zingah is doing things differently, has learned many lessons in the process of growing up and wishes to do this music thing on a new breath. Now, it's not often that people are afforded second chances in the game but we all deserve a clean slate and this here is courage for anyone out there looking to start over and become who they truly feel is justice to their dreams. GET EM BABY!

Oh! Remember that teaser we dropped by him? The song's artwork is out which means that the song is actually close!

Watch our chat below, and if it doesn't make sense, replay:

P.s: The "40 year old" is Slikour. I didn't say it!