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Red Couch: @MaEzeeDoesIt Talks Upcoming New Album x Starting Over

We sat down with Ma-E on the Red Couch to chat to him about how he's been holding up since he moved on from his album Township Counsellor which he felt went under the radar due to the negative publicity around Cashtime Life then. He's been dropping new music unrelated to the album and he explains why in our chat.

It's exciting times for him as he's onto the next with a new album that's 60 % complete, and a team that he's assembling under Ghanda Ghanda Productions which will one day be able to sign promising artists he can support. We get dibs on info that he's got an upcoming single with Gemini Major and another with Tellaman. MY FAVES! We can't wait to hear what the new piece will be sounding like and we're so proud of Ma-E for championing on despite all the hurdles he faced with his first album.

Peep the chat over here:

Peep the music video for Kanjalo over here: