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#RealestInterviewAlert: Part Of The @Ambitiouz_Ent Artists Anti SlikouronLife We Clear The Air

What started of as an awkward interview turned out to a real talk conversation between myself and the Ambitious gang. I was alerted by the head of Ambitious who you'll only know if you know him..go figure cause he doesn't do interviews:) I did the interview knowing that some of the members had issues so I purposely got us in a room so we could mash it out. The moral of the story we aren't perfect and we get hundreds of requests and also embark on getting the best interviews and music. We sometimes drop the ball, we sometimes exceptional but one thing don't do is take sides and purposely ignore greatness. With that being said peep the interview with the Ambitions army.
Also tonight make sure you check out Miss Pru's video for Ameni on Live Amp.

The joint features the whole Ambitious Camp.