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@Rashid_Kay Drops Another Must Read For All Indie Artists - Get Yourself Schooled.

  1. As an indie Artist, when negotiating deals, make sure you don't sign away any copyright 2 your music and you keep 100% creative control.

  2. 100% Copyright Rights Retention: Without labels, all revenue generated from album sales and sync licensing deals goes straight to the artist.

  3. You also have complete control over the exploitation of your music, and the free will to say yes or no to any business opportunity that comes your way.

  4. As an independent artist, you have 100% Creative & Marketing Control. No label means you have complete control over the direction of your music.

  5. You build your own team: as opposed to labels who force you to work with their people. As an indie artist, you are your own boss and you choose your own team.

  6. Make sure you surround yourself with people who share in your vision and have the skills to help you push your music, and move your career forward.

  7. As an indie artist you get pro-artist contracts, giving the artist more money for their music through either profit-sharing or larger royalty %.

  8. Limited Resources: No label means any financing for recording, distribution, marketing costs will have to come out of your own pocket.

  9. You need to work on developing your network in the industry (radio, tv, festivals, promoters, etc.) which will serve you at a later stage.

  10. Due to the fact that many indie labels are so informal, there's the possibility of things being done incorrectly and then being overlooked.

  11. Always have someone to represent you or negotiate on your behalf. It looks unprofessional when artists represent themselves, it looks like they are begging and desperate. That's how they get exploited and taken advantage of.

  12. Technical riders and hospitality riders apply to every artist. Don't allow promoters and event organisers to treat the mainstream artists or crowd pullers better than you, even if you're a curtain raiser.

  13. A free gig means a promoter MUST take care of transportation and refreshments (and sometimes accommodation). It shouldn't cost an artist a cent to perform for free.

  14. Never fall for words like "promotion" and "exposure", those people are not your marketing team to be concerned about your promotion and exposure.

  15. Verbal agreements and handshakes don't mean anything in this industry. Draw contracts and get your paperwork in order.

  16. A booking must be accompanied by a contract. A 50% of a performance fee is payable upfront to secure the booking. The outstanding 50% balance must be paid a day before the event or on the day of the event before you go on stage. You don't wanna chase for the promoter after the show. Include 14% tax in your invoice.

  17. Interact with your fans on a regular. Some artists only talk to fans when they need them for votes.

  18. When you have an interview, ask them to send you the questions in advance. You have a right to tell them which questions to remove or shouldn't ask.

  19. No artist manager should get more than 25%. Anything over 25% is a rip off.

PS. Don't forget to pay your taxes. SARS will come for you, 5 or 10 years later and they will detach everything you own.