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Projects You Should Hear: @Mashayabhuqe_ZA - NGUNIVERSAL

I'm here for black excellence. That means I'm here for Mr South Africa, nduna Mashayabhuqe KaMamba, the digital maskandi god. He finally drops Nguniversal after much talk about it. I won't lie, I did expect it to be much longer but the music is solid so we're blessed enough.

The project is his characteristic afrocentric flavour infusing his signature maskandi influences with pop elements. Let me help you classify it as World Music to be exact (in case you need to reference it in future). You see, Mashaya's train of thought is admirable and should in fact be envy to many an African artist. You can feel his spirit come through in Ntandane and Uthando Olungaka!. I'm even more impressed with him on Weatherman Says as he references the classic "Pula... A Ene" prayer. The atmosphere on Nguniversal is enchanting and transporting to high clouds in music. Praise to Mashaya's musicality. This is sheer magic.

Stream it over here: