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Projects You Should Hear: @JSmallz - Songs About Women EP

The scene is set for talents of people whom are otherwise always behind the scenes to shine forward. This is the case with JSmallz, a talented artist who has immersed himself in contributing to the careers of others through being the CEO of TinismDotcom; being an engineer, graphic designer and music director. Akase busy uSmallz bethunana?!

He's dropped some ground shaking singles ahead of this, the chilling Inferno which is on Songs About Women and some renditions that have introduced us to his fire. But this EP is like water on dry, cracking land. He delivers a body of love, emotion and immaculate songwriting taking you through a journey of phases of love. There is a song for every kind of woman in here, what I want to know is which one are you? Or which one is your girl?

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