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Projects You Should Hear: @CrownedYung #DirtBin EP #PYSH

I have tried to hold my excitement every time I hear a dope artist or record. Okay, I am lying. It's hard to contain my excitement when there is an artist that is fresh, sounds dope, got a clean look and murks lyrically. The guy I am hype beasting is CrownedYung who is signed to Select Play Music, the same company that has Tellaman and Lastee on their books. The homie just dropped his EP titled Dirt Bin which reps Durban. The same place which I call home. The EP is straight fire. It features Tellaman, Shane Eagle, Lastee and Tribal to name a few. The EP's production is hella tlean. Take my word for it and bump the EP. It's that good. You know what to do.

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