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Projects You Should Hear: @ByLwansta x @beatmochini - Your Absolutely F!#kin Right

I been needing to put you onto this mass since it dropped. Remember that week when it seemed like it was raining Beatmochini left, right and center? It hasn't stopped much. He has since went on to drop the bare instrumental version of his ByLwansta Your Absolutely F!#kin Right collaboration EP.

Let's start from the beginning, ByLwansta dropped Your Absolutely Right in August to which Beatmochini produced one out of the 9 songs on it. The magic came when Beatmochini decided to remix the whole piece from scratch, programming new beats for each track altogether. This is what you're about to be put onto. If you missed the original drop I feel sorry for you, but it's never too late to catch up. Start with this edition and track back. Beatmochini has completely captured the feelings of ByLwansta on this version.

Have a listen:

WAIT! Peep the instrumental version and if you're an artist yourself converse with the homie if you like what you hear: