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@Priddy_Ugly Tweets Media Hitting Him Up For Gossip x Why Hip Hop Is Competitive

The same radio station that we submitted my music to 2 months ago and didn't play list any song. Contacted me today after Slikour posted. - Priddy Ugly

We posted Priddy Ugly being rumored to signing with Cash Time Life yesterday. But because this thing of ours is about the people we decided to ask the people whether or not Priddy should ink a deal with Cash Time.

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Fast forward a few hours later Priddy Ugly decided to address all of us in regards to what he thinks of all the attention he is getting at the moment. I don't blame the guy. One day you not in the conversation x the next gossip sites hitting you up for comment. You can miss me as well shem.

A reporter found out that I'm in the Top 50 upcoming artists in the world according to @Upcoming100. Before this he didn't wana profile me.

Peep the tweets from Priddy Ugly. Hope you don't catch strays whilst reading this. If you thought you knew Priddy Ugly thing again mayne.