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Please Please Stream @King_Dizo "Twenty Four Seven" Mixtape

I know the "Please Please" is prolly annoying af but please stream this new offering from King Dizo titled "twenty four seven". Dizo is one of our underdog alumni's and this tape is really really dope. I would be on the look out for Dizo if I were you because this dude got the talent x he has a mean flow for days.

Peep the official release after the jump

Dizo comes out with guns blazing 🔥 letting the game know that King Dizo means serious business (reflecting the pure rapping aggression on the Artwork covers. Back+Front).He vents his frustrations with the current state of the game (Hip Hop) especially when he's been nothing but consistent, on the come up. He urges anyone who fancy themselves a contender to "Talk to him", while he reps his city, which being the Red Brick City of Pietermaritzburg


Stream the tape after the jump