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Peep What @CassperNyovest Had To Say About His CellPhone Deal At AG Mobile Launch

“As you guys know it’s because of this deal that I was able to buy a property‚ a new car and a few watches. But more importantly I’ve also been able to pay for my sisters to go to university and that type of thing.”

“I don’t think I’m going to stop showing off my watch because of one guy who hates seeing my watch. The real reason they hate seeing my watch is because they hate their life.”

“I was inspired by seeing Kanye’s chains‚ seeing his car and his house and seeing P.Diddy’s lifestyle. I was inspired from a kid. I used to take the good from what I see. I mean all these rappers come from an American hood‚ but they also come from unfortunate situations and through music‚ they’ve been able to provide for their families and buy these cars.”

You know‚ I drove the Bentley home to Mafikeng last week and all the kids just started running after the car. They already knew the car. I mean‚ these are the same kids who used to see me chilling in the corner with people who used to do drugs. Some of my friends were thieves‚ some are in jail and some are dead. If you cannot appreciate a young black man‚ who comes from nothing and now drives a Bentley‚ then you have a problem‚ not me.”