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Peep @Solidt @KhuliChana New Maftown Artist Music Video Titled 'Sheygo'

Solid brings you his latest offering titled “SHEYGO”. He basically explains a character that can fit into different social groups, he named that character Sheygo. His mixtape explains how he sees life and carrying out a positive message to the masses in a very unique sound that will easily capture listeners that support or listens to trap music. He titled the single “SHEYGO” after working with a well known producer “Beatjunky” who was at that time working with different producers to create a hub of beat submissions for all the artists that are signed under his record label.. The music in the album gives awareness about spiritual well being, it inspires to follow God’s way and start living a POSITIVE life. He believes his music career is God’s plan to attract youth to his master God by listening to his music. It encourages them to be closer to God and live right.

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