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Peep @SlikourON x @Skinnygenes_TV #SolIndaba On Donate x Download Feature x Subscribing x 2016 Bursary x Vision For SlikourOnlIfe.Co.Za

As a content contributor to SlikourOnlife there are many things which happen behind the scenes here at SOL that you many not know about. Slikour feels that he owes you the fan on the reasons why things are being introduced to the site such as the download and donate feature and the role of subscribing before downloading a track. Plus Onlifers are always asking us about all these things so we had to address them.

So Yesterday at 7pm I hosted a #SolIndaba on Twitterview (Twitter Interview) where I chopped up all things 2016 for Slikouronlife where we touched on topics like is Slikour still rapping or is he a blogger now, secondly what is the role of subscriber feature and how will you the fan benefit from this, thirdly we spoke about the download and donate new innovation on the site. We also spoke about the role of technology and the the importance of owning your own content in South African urban culture. The other most notable thing which we spoke about is a 2016 Bursary which he is really excited about.

As you read the convo below you will learn what the role of subscriber is , how download and donate feature works and the 2016 SlikourOnlife bursary.

Peep the #SolIndaba after the jump

Part 1 - The purpose of SlikourOnLife, Role of content, Onlife TV and subscription Model

Part 2 - The role of SlikouronLife Bursary x more