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Peep @Mashayabhuqe_ZA Sun City Flow Artwork Inspiration. Track Drops Next Week

MashayaBhuqe is dropping a new record next week Monday titled "Sun City Flow". We decided to ask Mashaya to give us a low down on what the concept is about. Peep the words from the homie after the jump. Track drops next week Monday here at SOL. ISHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

This is a concept of an imaginary character (Zamalek Japan) in his early 40s, after seeing everything: traveling the world, fighting for art, and learning about other people's cultures. He comes back home but there's no love , rivers have dried up and his cousins have grown. So So he starts singing as he was praying, he's too loud that everyone in the village starts walking towards his house trying to listen to grasp what he's saying. [imagine seeing someone shouting across the bridge or just imagine a Messenger running up the mountains early in the morning shouting, telling every villagers the heavy Storm is coming]

Scene 2/ INGEVU Zamalek Japan is telling all the females in the country that he loves himself and he will make sure the SAUCE keeps coming. This is SUPERSIZED HD Zulu Mack OR Marvel Shaka Zulu (with grillz)

*Using Jail/Church/ISIGUQO vintage method for melodies call it ( TRVPMVSKV)

We recorded this joint on the 20th of April in Pretoria with another song on the same night. But we had planned to let MarazA do the mixing; then I took the seps to his studio. *Boom GWAN took off... then it was a fair decision, my brother deserves this GLORY, I waited for him to get time and work on the song but it was kinda hard, I pushed it back. I focused on Paris, my mind was only thinking about that. Came back from the tour and went back to the studio; we tried it, but other seps gave him lotta work (haha) so we agreed we'll use what we came out with that night. I made G-Star Beatz (produced Sun City Flow) listen to it and we agreed we'll keep it but I still went back to BONAFIDE BILLI who helped me mix it initially, before it got to MarazA, a young shoutout to Wichi. So, I asked Bona for his -mix version- cos he had things that I couldn't get on the 1st mix. So this means I'll be releasing two different mixes. I'm actually loving this creative-process, S/O to Kanye for teaching the kids man. I'm learning a lot from this guy. Like you can put out a project and go back (fix this and that, add more verses or strings or whatever you want and life goes on). Sun City Flow (last piece) would be 8/9min. I'll keep on working on it till I'm ready for to drop the album version.*

Artwork: designed TheGoodDokta (Dirty Paraffin) It was inspired by (NQONQOSHO Sbusiso Ndlovu) who's in Jail for acting clumsy on a road block in Durban. The incident took place in kwaMashu. He tried to turn around, then the cops were under impression it was the people they wanted. They put dogs, helicopters on him and.... yeah they found him and locked him up!I don't do FREEmyBoy or #FthePolice campaigns. I let the man above handle it. So yeah, I'm a Trapaholic so I won't show emotions that much.

THIS IS EVERYBODYS SONG/ it's just a young freebie. For the Digital Kids & The North