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Listen: @IAMKRSOne Shows South African Xhosa Language & Heritage Love

The legendary KRS One dropped his album The World Is Mind. He is probably one of the most important emcees in the game and my homie Thabiso The Hip Hop Scholar sent me a message at qaurter to five in the morning to check it out. So what's special about this KRS One album?

He shouts out the Xhosa language and clicks through the verses as the Xhosa language does, he also throws in some vernacular words here and there. Peep the advise from the teacher here, he says replacing the click with English is not the way forward. I hope all the kids that are rapping today start finding more reason to continue the click, scamta, theta, and khuluma that represents who we are. I'm just happy I could hear one of my favourite rappers sounding fresh as ever. The few songs I've already listened to got me convinced.
It also features a South African artists on it.