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Part 2 - The Biggest Come Ups From 2015 In No Particular Order

alt Its fair to say that the last two quarters have seen Nomoozie raising the Cashtime Life flag higher. When she dropped Seven with Kid X earlier this year she wasnt too convincing, I mean she had a flow and all but there was nothing special. Its only till Dj Vigilante dropped Pasop and I remember Scholar playing it for the first time to me before it was released and all I kept on saying was Nomooozie. This was merely an intro to what would come after that she dropped Dj Speedsta Dont Panic not only was she flowing but you got almost feel the attitude in the joint and to complement that she is organically cool. She hasn't put out a lot of work but the two or three songs she's been on have been hard hitting. She is definately raps MaBrrrr.

Dj Capital:
alt The homie Capital started his year slowly with a piece job contributing on He dropped his single with Kyle Deutsch and Kwesta which was miles better than the first single he dropped. This song was he perfect macking song and also easily removed Capital from the young'n who's was always Running with The Reps to his own man. It didn't take long for him to announce his placement on ETV's Club 808 as their resident dj, which was followed by his placement on Cliff Central. His a growing brand with a possible recording deal with a major lable on the cards and instead of Running with the Reps nowadays you can find him running with OG's like Maezeedoesit on his new single Ke Summer.

Dj Speedsta:
alt With a twang of note Speedsta one could of said Speedsta is an up and coming Dj earlier this year. He was always part of the campaigns with Head Honcho and had a couple of single out but I think the Special Somebody single made him stand out. In time this saw him as a host on YFM, his also dropped the major single with Nomoozie Dont Panic and one of the dopes mixtapes last week.

alt A city is only as strong as the artist that represent it and this year we've seen Cape Town in the spotlight more than once courtesy of artists like Youngsta. After releasing 24 Mixtapes in 24 Months the next thing was to move up to Joburg and continue with his Visual Vrydag which were freestyles videos he dropped every Friday this built up to what could be his biggest feature with Tumi and Nasty C on Dj Switch's Way It Go.His currently built a relationship with Tumi and word is that he is allegedly signed with Motif Records. Youngsta is short of a solo single to get be an official in the mainstream market.

Gigi Lamayne:
alt With so much female emcee talk in 2015 Gigi Lamayne has been one of the artists in the forefront. Earlier this year it was announced that she signed with Dream Team which saw Khuli Chana tagging on her already successful Ice Cream single. She then started her Iron Lady series which were freestyles videos. Her biggest co-sign must of been the AKA Baddest remix where the verdict is still out on who was the dopest mc with most saying all the ladies held it down.She's definitely made her mark as an emcee to check in 2015 but thats only the beginning she's already working on her mainstream appeal with new single she just released featuring WTF.