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Osmic @RitualMedia Challenges @beatmochini To Drop An EP By March

Osmic Menoe - Ritual Media Group, SA Hip Hop Awards, and Back To The City founder - has challenged Beatmochini to drop a 6 track EP by March with a variation of new talents on it.

Beatmochini has stepped up to the challenge and is actually working on the finishing touches of the project which he'll be dropping on his birthday, 10th March 2017. He's also decided to title the piece the March 10th EP. Now, if you recall correctly, homie went all "you gon' get this work" on us towards the end of the year when he dropped an entirely redone EP of ByLwansta's Your Absolutely Right, and then dropped two singles in the same week as well. Oh, he dropped a stripped down instrumental version of that remixed EP the next week too. LIKE?!

Back to the challenge though, more artists are actually urged to join the movement so as to open up the competitive platform by dropping their own 6 track EPs. So are you and your squad game?