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@IAmBoomBoomBass Diss Track "HeirToTheThrone" Aiming At Bongani Fassie And Arthur's Son AJ

Download it here

I asked Bass if Bongani dissed him on the stretcher track and heres the response from him.

Morning Siya, No he didn't diss me, I made that response song because as a Bongani Fassie fan from forever Jozi I'm disappointed in the music he has been releasing, I know that he has the potential and also being the son of Legendary Brenda Fassie, I ask myself why he would do that. So in the song I express how disappointed I am in why his trying to diss the relevant people of the game and worse part is the song it's self is terrible. We both come from powerful musician back grounds so that's why the song is called "Heir To The Throne Talk" just like how entrepreneurs would have a " innovative professional business talk" and I also mention Aj Arthur Mafokati's son because he is not giving people his full potential in music even though he does house music.