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@Breeze_SA Is Only Getting Started - #OnlifeQnA By @SkinnyGenes_TV

Long ago there was a dance crew in the streets of Durban that had the whole province popping and locking. These kids back then were representing a culture at the time which was all about having the perfect dougie and robot to match. Fast forward to 2016 that crew is no longer but the dance moves are kinda still the same. Breeze was part of the hip hop group DreamTeam but would venture out on a solo career.

It really helps getting cosigns no lie like recently also got a cosign from Scoop, but I don't put alot of faith in Cosigns coz at the end they said something and its done. Its up to you to follow up and kill shit.

It is with this thing that you did not know about Breeze that made me gravitate to his story. I wanted to find out how he has been moving ever since he chose to do things his own way. Furthermore the music that Breeze has been dropping also signals the type of artist he is shaping out to be.

This is my chat with Breeze.

What's up Breeze. How's 2016 treating you this far ?

Wadup Bro im good thanx, first of all id love to thank God for the opportunities he is has given me to be able to share my talents. I also appreciate you for giving me this platform. 2016 has been slow but im very optimistic about this year, there's some positives so far.

Let's talk music. 031 Avengers just dropped news music video. Can you breakdown the situation with the 031 avengers and your solo career?


031Avengers was a initiative I thought of its been in my mind since 2012, just the timing wasn't right yet. After the success of my Ziyasha single I decided to do a remix with all my favourite rappers from my city and from there I thought why not this could be a good movement. Everybody here talks about unity and that rubbish but never steps up, I guess we always forget where we come from when the good times arise. So I felt this would also help maintain the originality of DBN Hip Hop. All of us in the crew have solo careers and this doesn't effect us individually if The Avengers makes it big before my solo i'll also be happy.

In terms of a solo album where is Mr Trendsetter at the moment ?


Well im still doing things alone and independently obviously this year im hoping to take things to the next level. I have been pushing for years now and ain't getting younger, iv been a good ambassador to KZN Hip Hop whether its Dance or Rap. I had offers from DJ Cleo but felt its not where I see my brand at yet. Got some of my music from EP on FY3 and will be dropping a series of free songs in the next month just to build up my year hopefully through #slikouronlife. I've started working on tracks I feel will make it on my debut album, the first single will be a Monster.

We saw a tweet from Ricky saying he dropped a verse on a track y'all will be putting out ? What's the track about ?

You know how it is in the industry if the big players see you working that means you doing something right. Ricky is one of the coolest well known rappers I know, I emailed him the track last year and he digged it and said he will do a verse on it. At that time he was really busy as usual because of moving houses to but I appreciate that he replied. Then this year as I hoped to keep it secretive he tweeted about his verse on it, so hopefully all will be finalized soon. The track is called #uMona... yal can decode whats it about. Just keep an eye out its the first official single il be pushing.


How important is it for cats like you who are known in Durban to start working with guys in Jozi ? Do you need the cosign from joburg artists ?


Ey I won't lie to you that's where iv been really bad and this year it has to change im treating this year as the No Retreat No Surrender Year. So yeah I feel its very important to start doing collaborations with Jozi artists and gigging there. It really helps getting cosigns no lie like recently also got a cosign from Scoop, but I don't put alot of faith in Cosigns coz at the end they say something and its done. Its up to you to follow up and kill shit. I work really hard on my performances and feel I'm one of the best so I need to start dominating elsewhere. So JHB put a nigga on haha..

Look bro. I really mess with your music and I hit you up because you highly slept on. What does SA hip hop need to know about you as an artist and do you know you slept on?


I really appreciate that bro, Im truly a Stage God and ZuluBassKing. Those aren't just nicknames but I live up to them the sound I make is way different to any other rapper if you listen to Fenda Ziyasha or Amanga you hear that I make dance music too, and as for raps look out for the 031Avengers EPicEP. I've done 3 songs with Nasty and I get a lot of people who tweet me about my verses on his tracks. So im glad im me and stay true to my sound. Slept on yeah I've known for sometime but there's nothing much I can do but to keep pushing and for them to catch on, could even be a moment or song who knows.

The breeze brand also dips into so many other touchpoints like tv presenting. How clutch are your presenter skills bro ?


The presenting gig was one of the hardest things because I had never done it before but ey man we need to make extra cash to invest back into our talents. It was the best thing iv ever done though I had to learn about the environment luckily because of Rap I was good at freestyling some of my scripts as SABC1 is 70% vernacular I was switching from Zulu to English with ease. My presenting skills arent too bad but id rather act.

Can we expect to see you more on our TV screens ?


I hope so bro like these movies or series must hit me up haha iv been working out.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?


Well right now im also gonna be doing a Non-Profit initiative where I mentor young kids who come from bad backgrounds to get into music and all that. Im still trying to survive but I feel there's always a bigger picture in life. I see myself running my own company building artists,brands and talents. Hopefully i would have at least a good run with my music or achievements soon but ideally I see me giving back and making something meaningful with what I went through.