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#onLifeVideoSubmission - @OlderGodBoolz - Triple 6 In Da Mix

Lord Boolz all the way in the 021 is riding in his own lane with a style of music that I can't box nor can I define yet. But who am I to be boxing people. The dude sent me his latest music video from his Its Tha TRIPLE X from my LOFITape. Forgive me the name of the track is so wavy that you cant even define that track.

Basically its LoFI,Its time travelling SPIDANS... its dirrty,its ugly but pretty its exactly the way I want my art to be. DIY ,Punk and careless. I Keep a Punk attitude no matter what,I fear nothing and I dont care what anyone/anything thinks.And Im the only one doing this in this Country if not sending it to you exclusively. I did this on my own,produced it on my own composed it on my own. I just wanna inspire and motivate young kids to find their own unique and original style too.thats all man.This is also a warm up to my video for Nakanjani which was shot in Switzerland, awe man

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