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#OnlifeTV Interviews You Missed Last Week @Rikyrickworld @ShowTibzLove @ScoopMakhatini @Nasty_CSA @DJKenzHero @iFani_Haymani

@rikyrickworld Has Something To Say About Brands, Up&Coming Artists & Deals

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@MduMasilela A 1st Generation Urban Music Earner Talks About This Generations' Earners

Its youth month and it was ideal to speak to an OG. Mdu was the first generation of black local artists that made money and paved the way to where we are today. He tells me about the changes he sees in the game today and we also talk about Okmalumkoolkat's 100kMacassete joint.

@DJKenzHero The Connoisseur Of Old School Tells Us Why He Mixes Kwaito Like Hip Hop

Kenzhero has built a name in the game as one of the most respected hip hop djs. His not part of the flock and all you need to do is hear his set to see what I mean. His popular for mixing the dopest hip hop joints but I caught him mixing old school Kwaito which was mind blowing. Its dope that our generation has started looking back at local songs for nostalgia sets.

@Nasty_CSA Clarifies Rumours Of Being An Apparent Diva At The SAMAs

The SAMAs have come and gone many stories were told and one that was doing the rounds was the fact that Nasty C walked away from a performance on one of their stages and another was that he never wanted to perform on the live broadcast stage cause they only wanted to give him 30 seconds. Already when there is more than one variation of a story there's a bit of suspicion. The homie clarified everything for us, I guess you made it when they start fabricating like that.

@iFani_Haymani - The Pursuit Of Happiness Part 2 #CokeStudioChats

Misunderstanding & where that leaves you standing. iFani chats to us more about what people perceive you as, Slikour shares some thoughts with iFani. Him uncovering jealousy within himself and working through it, how he was used to doing things alone in the past as oppose to how he let's people in now.

@ScoopMakhatini Addresses Substance Abuse Rumours And NtukzaSA Interview HD

Scoop on that Ntukza interview the cocaine allegations and tell us what his really on. Peep the interview.

SAMAHipHopRedCarpet @ShowTibzLove, @AKAworldwide & @DJFanaticSA

We decided to bunch these three cats together cause of obvious reasons. Tibz was really one of the first guys to believe in AKA and was involved in the Baddest remix, Fanatic has been and is still with AKA as a dj and a friend. We still need to get that speech if AKA had won.

SAMAHipHopRedCarpet @MbauReloaded The "Sophisticated" Female Rapper

Caught up with the girl Khanyi Mbau talking about our mic lookout now we getting a bigger one. She clarifies that she's not just a rapper nje she's actually a sophisticated rapper on who's on the job when necessary.