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#OnlifeSubmission - Stream @ShabZiMadallion "Black Jesus"

ShabZi Madallion releases “Black Jesus” following his previous releases “INSANE EP” & “Truth”. After being in “The Hustle” finale he continues to prove to his fans that he is an individual who releases most of his thoughts in the music.
ShabZi has been receiving love and more followers after his “INSANE EP” release which did 3k+ downloads straight from his website ( He left his fans wanting more from him because of the different approach he takes to his music, he then followed up with “Truth” which featured his fellow hustlers Erick Rush & JimmyWiz. The song also did fairly reaching 2k+ downloads.
“I think being considered “different” or being called “conscious” is great because I don’t think that type of music is as big as it used to be and therefore it allows me to penetrate a market that yearns for that type of music. Not to say I’ll always be coming from that perspective, I love making music and that doesn’t mean Hip Hop, it means whatever I feel and whatever I make from what I feel.” ShabZi today releases “Black Jesus” which talks a lot about how people fight so hard for their dreams that when it is time to showcase their perspective they hold back because of the simple fact that it isn’t what 1. The Masses are used to or 2. The people you look up to haven’t given it a chance.
He puts his observations about a part of the world in this 2min jam to help motivate people to move on what they truly believe and not what they’re being fed all the time.
“I have a lot to share with the people, the people that want to somehow become a part of my journey. I’m all about content and hopefully the next coming weeks I can share more of what I’ve been working on.” ShabZi Madallion is a Rap Artist, Sound Engineer, A Writer, The Hustle Finale Contestant & above all a music lover who seeks to expand his platform to host what he believes should become part of the world’s conversation in order to remain aware of what’s happening.