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Onlifer's Review: @KrisKarma_ZAF – Wisdom In A Nut Shell By @Freed_Davids

Kris Karma Just dropped his fourth project titled Wisdom in A nutshell and I've given it a spin countless times, this is a pure masterpiece and reliable evidence to show that Hip Hop isn’t dead but we are just looking for it in the wrong places. The five track EP only plays for just over a quarter of an hour but the knowledge disseminated here is something that will surely take you a good number of months in the library to gather and a good number of years in the hood observing just to get what Kris Karma packaged in a mere 1012 seconds.

This is a conscious project. The two decades old rapper raps about stuff that will compel you to up your knowledge game; the first track Zulu Man had me reading the whole of the Shaka Zulu history. He's a great story teller and concisely so, in just one verse the rapper manages to share so much wisdom which perfectly complements the title of the project. The next song titled Won't Be Long continues to show that the Hip Hop life line is still in waves and not in straight form as he gives you a vivid picture of how life in his hood is like. He shares stories of issues that affect the youth such as drug use and teenage pregnancy so beautifully. He wraps up the song by asking a very deep question that will leave you with chest pains, “What’s the measure of a person living right/ money, car, husband or a wife/ job, kids, house with the biggest yard?/ Answer doesn't matter 'cause see happiness is the key/ you can have it all but if you ain't happy you ain't got much"

The third song is titled Ninety Nine and the rapper challenges us to stay real to ourselves and embrace the struggle with a positive outlook on life as the struggle is just a box used to deliver our gift of growth. The song's well structured with great production, the verses are nice and short enough to have you pressing repeat, it's well balanced. The next song titled Cause and Effect won't let go of your ears too. Two dope and short verses with good word play and great storytelling. Kris Karma tells a story of a girl who is now stuck and can't do much to advance her life after being misled by her boyfriend who claimed to love her until she fell pregnant and then he left her to raise the baby alone after being nothing but a great partner to him. The revelation revealed on the hook here is great wisdom; people only have an ability to hurt us because we let them through loving them.

Kris Karma wraps up the masterpiece with a great song titled Who Am I which addresses the problem with our police officers now victimising us instead of protecting us from bad people, using their positions to take the little that our people have.

This is a great project, well structured, and the two verse structure on every song was a smart strategy. Everything is just short and it makes you want to play it over and over again. The project is a grower too as it gets better with every listen. It’s very informative; musical - the production is nice - great sampling, and unique. I will say, his lyrics sometimes take all your attention that you don't hear the beats anymore because you're so taken by the power of his lyrical content. The project is also great company when you're walking, I almost passed my home on my way back from the library, so don’t bump this and drive you might end up in Cape Town whilst you were just going to the store. This is a great project, I love it.