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Onlifer's Review: @TheRealKaas_SA – Connections By @Freed_Davids

Chizzy’s 6 tracks EP is a solid collaborative effort. Everyone understood that it was all about making good music not outshining each other. The EP kicks off with a playful record titled Right Of Way, where more than anything the rappers were just showcasing their ability to rap, over some nice 808s by OG Trey. Nice flows. Track two is an infectious record titled Prayer produced by OG Trey featuring Prredator. It’s quite long but because of how mesmerising it is, I presume you won’t really notice its lengthy duration. It has this inviting hook, something that the audience can simply respond well to during a performance and give the artist that much needed energy to deliver a great performance. I love how Prredator delivered his verse with multiple flows and utmost confidence. With just over 8 minutes into the project we get a winning over record titled No Wave featuring Ceasar Supreme produced by Nxxt. It’s pretty cool, the boys delivered solid verses with a number of quotable lines.

“Everything is changed man, I am not the same please don’t get it confused if it's f!#k you then it's f!#k you/ I don’t repeat that sh!/ when I spit that sh! boy I mean that sh!/ ‘cause killing ya’ll is hardly a challenge, ya’ll niggas must’ve lowered the standards/ Always with some new psy I think I need to find some balance,”

Ceasar also came out to play, “and my babies think I'm pretty charming/ think I'm pretty harmless if you studying the book by its cover then you going to be surprised when you read up on it yeah”

Nicely delivered, I love the flows he used on this song, quite contagious. This is the shortest song on the project but because of how nice it is, it’s most likely to get the greatest share of your time. Chizzy finally lets the girls come out to play on tracks 4 and 6. Track 4 titled Armageddon features Shona, this is a smooth and soul soothing record. A beautiful duet. They tell the story very well and Shona links up with Chizzy perfectly. The storyline is quite relatable, every now and then we do find ourselves in relationships where there are a lot of reasons to let go but we find one which gives us the courage to hold on. Chizzy raps some heartfelt truth,

“And I’m the type that you might regret uh, but I know you just love the sex/ I’ve been struggling with commitment in and out of these hotels, everyday is a different woman.”

I won’t even tell you what’s keeping Shona in the relationship, the above quoted lines speak volumes. Shona’s angelic voice is complemented thoroughly well by Chizzy’s mollifying voice. Snouuman done did the damn thing; the record is soulful without reservation. The last record on the EP titled Nobody Noticed featuring Parry Picasso, J Thompson and Tara is a beautiful and catchy record. I love how everyone fitted in so well. Tara came in well with the singing, so contagious it can actually make you activate the A-B loop. Dope record. Considering the features you’d expect the song to be a bit longer but everyone just came in and added their spice and the outcome is a master piece. Well structured.

This is a very well executed collaborative effort. The featured artists came in so well and didn’t make it about having the better verse which usually is the case with Hip Hop records. They complemented each other well and prevented the one verse song stigma caused by artists jumping on records just to outshine the artist they are working with. It is repeat-worthy. It is so calm that you can even play it when you're studying or working and still remain productive. The downside of this project is that, in some instances the inspiration or influence was not channeled well, the rapper kind of duplicated the artists that influence him. The featured artists diluted those similarities by giving it their own flavours. Great project, I love it and I assume the feeling will be mutual after you give it a spin.

Listen to the EP on the link below and hit me in the comment section when you're done. I’m waiting on you.