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#OnlifeQna - @TeddyMaxx031 On Being @Nasty_CSA Day 1 x Personal Photographer By @SkinnyGenes_TV

If you ever heard Nasty C rap about Teddy Max then you start asking a few question like who is this dude? Why does he say his name on a couple of records? Is Teddy Max a part of Nasty C's team. Lucky for you I asked all these questions and went looking for answers. So I hit up Teddy Max and asked him a couple of things like who he is, how does he know Nasty C and more.

This onlifeqna you are about to read is very special if I must be honest with you. Its a story of a day one relationship between Nasty C x Teddy Max. When I sent an email to Teddy Max requesting pictures I asked him to send me Day 1 pictures. Not the ones we always see Nasty C posting but the real back in the days ones you know.

Sit back x kick back and peep the onlifeqna with Teddy Max. This is dedicated to all the day ones out there.

Yours in culture
Ndu x Skinny

Hi bro thank you for granting us access into the life of Teddy Max.?

Bless thanks for having me Skinny

Yo before we get this ting going who is Teddy Max to those who don't know?

TeddyMaxx is a 19 years old boy from Durban and I'm Nasty_C's personal photographer


There's a line in Nasty C's verse that talks about you. Can you explain this verse?

According to how I understand the verse on my homies Nasty C talks about how he feels about his success and how me n him use to struggle and hustle before he made it.then continue with since he made it his taking his homie out the all the verse talks about how he never changed and how he never switched up on his homies.


Damn so you and Nasty C are like day ones. How did you guys meet and how old were you?

We met when I came to his house to record.we were 14 years old.


Did you ever try rapping

Yes I did try rapping.

What is your role in team Nasty C?

I'm his personal photographer and I shoot some of his music videos like juice back and Hell Naw


I love how you move silently in this game bro. Is this intentional or have you always been low-key ?

I always been like this,I believe in not talking too much but let the work speak for itself.

What is your plan in this music ting. How far do you think you guys will take it?

Our plan is to take it to the next level with everything.As far as It can go

alt What is the one thing that people don't know about Teddy Max. Like a crazy thing that peeps don't know about you

I dunno if this is crazy,but I draw everything I want and paste the paper where I can see it when I wake up or when I sleep.

10.Did you ever think Nasty C would be this big? what were some of the conversations that you guys had when y'all were younger?

Before we became friends I was a fan so I always believed that it will get here. Everything we use to talk about it what happening now.We believe in law of attraction so we use to talk about positive things all the time,another person would have thought we crazy,some did but we never allowed negative energy and doubts to affect what we believe in.

alt What is the brief you get from Nasty C when you are about to take pictures?

Depends on where his performing,some gigs are too lit in the way that you need to take videos more than pictures.It all on me how I do it as long as we got something we can use.

Thank you so much for chopping it up with us bro. All the best with the future. See you on the flip side

Thanks for having me Skinny. One