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#OnlifeQNA @SMB_DBN Share Their Science Towards SA Urban Culture With @SkinnyGenes_TV

Urban culture is the voice of the youth mass of the city who wanna express themselves creatively. It’s the new ARTISTIC identity of the Kids.

I am a big fan of urban culture in the African continent. Moreover I am a big fan of individuals who keep giving this culture of ours a new perspective. Why do I say this? I am saying this because its easy to be on the periphery and not change things. Its easy to look at the freedom we have been granted and not do anything as a youth in South Africa. SMB which stands for Sophisticated Brand Monkey are a Durban collective who have gone against all these things which I have mentioned. They have refused to sit back and not have a say on Urban Culture in South Africa. Without knowing it this fashion x music collective x trendsetters have made strides in urban culture. Their famous Baps bucket has graced the heads of celebs in Mzansi x their fashion is more likely to turn heads. Above all these things SMB is the youngest x freshest brand in South Africa at the moment.

You may think that I am hypebeasting these kids x giving them a huge plug. I am to be honest but I have also had the luxury to seeing these kids come out of nothing. I have witnessed their slow rise in urban culture back in Durban when there was no urban culture to speak of. It also does not hurt that Hype Magazine voted them the 7th best urban culture brand in South Africa. This is not bad for kids who never went to fashion school right?

Now that you kinda of get the lowdown on who SMB is peep the Onlife QNA I had with them where we spoke about their approach to urban culture in Mzansi. Peep it after the jump though.

Let's get straight to it. You guys do fashion right. Care to explain what y'all do to those who don't know?

We’re street scientists so we influence SA Street Culture through fashion, design, music, photography and Events.


Why the name SMB? What does it mean?

Its Sophisticated Monkey Brand. Our approach to the culture is wild and untamed yet we always add an element of sophistication to what we do.


Let's talk urban culture for a sec. What does urban culture mean to you guys?

Urban culture is the voice of the youth mass of the city who wanna express themselves creatively. It’s the new ARTISTIC identity of the Kids.


How long you guys been in the culture and what made you guys take this route?

We’ve been around since 2010. We took this route coz the youth of Durban responded well to our never say die approach to cool and the Durban Urban Culture scene was still on the come up.


You guys just opened a shop right? Can you tell us about this in more detail?

The shop is at 8 Morrison str in DBN. We allways promised never to stock anyone elses shop before we had our own. We also stock @ButanWear


SMB also does music. How does this fit into the fashion game?

Its part of the street formular. Fashion pushes music n vice versa so the elements work together, @PdoggAMAZING is our flagship artist.

You guys are known for innovating the bucket hat game in Mzansi. Care to explain the famous BAPS bucket hat to onlifers?

The #BAP$ bucket hat is a PROBLEM! We reignited a trend & every other local fashion brand followed. Our prints were bold so ppl became hooked.


Which celebs have worn/wear you products?

Riky, Nomuzi, KO, KidX, Scoop, Nomzamo, Maps, Dimples, Sphe n Naves, Mampintsha & Legend. If AKA didn’t have a perm he would’ve worn it too.


Where do you guys see yourselfs in 6 months?

We wanna sow seeds on the continent. Produce yonkinto from scratch ourselves. Sebenza namaNational brands & an SMB Reality Show.


Is there a project y'all working on that you want to put us on?

#SMBDowntownSession30April at 8 morrison & #BornFreeMics

Lastly. What makes urban culture unique and such an important part of what's happening in the youth today?

Its unique coz it demands for every one to express themselves creatively. Its unique coz it demands everyone to be unique. It’s the ULTIMATE cool