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#OnlifeMixtapeOfTheWeek: Stream @OlderGodBoolz "THE LO FI TAPE"

This gif #BEENTRILL though

Damn Boolz just dropped a new project titled "The Lo Fi Tape" side a and b which basically means two tapes. I actually like the style that Boolz is vibing on in these tapes. Its like he's not trying to hard to be cool but he's cool anyway. Boolz needs to keep riding with this style cause it suits him.

Peep the the tapes after the jump and read the press release

The LO FI Tape is basically like a Garage lofi cassette tape inspired EP. it’s a collection of some of my Greatest Unknown Hits/songs that I’ve done. some new and some Old.

Peep side a after the jump

I like listening to noise rock/noise punk garage punk and old lofi Memphis Southern HIP HOP tapes i.e. Tommy Wright The III 2 b specific , DJ Screw Tapes ofcourse , Triple 6 Mafia and Skinny Pimp jus to name a few. On a more modern note im inspired by SGP,RAIDER KLAN,SLIM GUERILLA and DJ SMOKEY etc. who all keep it Phonky.I’ve beeeen releasing music like this,it’s jus that now i’ve compiled it and this EP is more focused on it and a lot more organised.

Like cassete tapes there are two sides Side A and Side B. Side a is normal and B is slowed and chopped.To make it unique I jus added some xhosafied ghetto slang from Langa,Cape Town 7455 2 b exact.

Peep side B after the jump

It’s all 90s inspired,still trill and ofcourse my signature Triple 6 $pidans $wag is on it too especially on the track FOKOLCHANGED (track6) and It’s The Triple 6 … matter fact alla them.

Artwork is a selfie taken by me,edited by me,songs produced by me and slowed and chopped by me ahaha and I mixed and mastered all the songs except for ALAYS KREEPIN by JC BROWN … the whole theme is DIY … basically.Its A.K.A. The Triple 6 Tape because it has 6 Tracks,I plan 2 release it on The 66th Day of the Year at 6am Cape Town Time.

I don’t care wwwhat anybody thinks haha.