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#onLifeBuzz: @LunaFlorentino_ 'Papi Florentino' EP

I was scrolling down my Twitter TL as I normally do & I always come across somebody telling somebody to have a listen to a certain track that may have all the answers. Whether that somebody is telling me or somebody else, I always make it a priority to give the tracks that are on the streets by the come up kids a listen. They aren't all good but you just never know when you might stumble upon a kid that has mad potential.

Now lookie here. I bumped into Luna Florentino a couple o' days ago on the TL with a track produced by Tweezy. Naturally I thought if this track is produced by Tweezy then it must sound dope. Had a listen and the beat was A1 as expected but I couldn't hear the boy really. Decided to hit him up and ask for more of his tracks so I could give him more of an ear and he gave me a link to his EP, Papi Florentino.

The first track was like hearing my mama say "Dinner's ready !" No really. This kid's got mad potential. Lend him an ear and you'll get what I'm talking about. Trust & believe.

Twitter: @Papi_Florentino

Stream Papi Florentino EP below: