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Onlife Buzz: @Sheen_Skaiz - 031

Durban born Rapper and Producer, Sheen Skaiz, releases an energetic Moombahton style banger. The track entitled "031" is produced by Justin De Nobrega who is well known for his work with Die Antwoord and Jack Parrow & hit maker Sketchy Bongo. Sheen's single "031" is a tribute to his hometown Durban in Kwazulu-Natal. The track combines elements of Electronic, Indian, and African culture. Audiences from all over become enthralled by his style, passion and creativity, they all want to know where he is from, hence the title "031" (Durban's area code). Sheen's track "031" is a showcase of Durban through his music. Sheen tributes his hometown in hopes of bringing the city together with a sense of pride.