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Onlife Buzz : Pro-ChiQ - Hustle

Zandile Mbanjwa, popularly known as Pro - Chiq, was born on the 14th of June 1988, and resides in Roslyn located in Pretoria. She is a young, down to earth, and multi - talented soul, who is in love with anything, and everything that has to do with the arts. She is a musician by profession (singer, song writer, rapper, and producer). She is under the management of an entertainment company named "Public Eye Entertainment". Amongst other things besides music, she experiments with drawing portraits, doing sculptures, painting, and photography. She would often say that, "I am a self - proclaimed creative genius, because my work speaks for itself".
Her Musical influences includes home-grown sounds of bands such as Bongo Muffin, Boom Shaka, Jozi, and so worth. Between juggling a 9-5, and doing music on the side, she has only managed to put out a couple of singles, yet her mark as an aspiring artist is quite credible.

Currently, i.e. as of January 2015, she resigned from her previous job of employment, and is a full time musician. She is working on an album, and will be jetting off to Botswana as of March 2015, to complete that task. She will be working with one of Botswana's highly respected, award winning producer (Suffocate), and surely greatness is to be expected.

The world is supposedly evolving and equality between the male and female species has reached a point of equilibrium. In contrary, women have often been underrated within the hip hop, and rap culture, and Pro - Chiq has hopes of eliminating such stereotypes.
Her recent song release is a track entitled ‘Hustle’ – a single that should take the entertainment industry by storm.

The song was inspired by her current situation, i.e. her hunger to really work hard and become the musician she aspires to be. As previously mentioned, she detached herself from all destructions to solely focus on her music career.