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One Word To Describe @Okmalumkoolkat #MlaziMilano Album Artwork Is.....

ISHUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. Thats your one word.

Before I get carried away with this artwork let me just say that this artwork is damn creative x inspiring x all over the place. Sorry could not help myself there.

It seems as if Smiso is ready to drop Mlazi Milano cause the artwork is done now. Looking at the artwork i am reminded of the BEEN TRILL type look and feel that Matthew Willamson x Heron Preston X Virgil did when BEEN TRILL started with their internet shandies. Okay I am getting carried away but its the same vibe but Smiso made it his own. Kinda sorta.

Yo Smiso. The artwork is dope cant wait for that tape. ISHHHUUUUUUUUU.