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On The Ground: #UnderdogDay Winner @Mega_kgm On Skhethu Rap/kwaNdebele Trap

We caught up with our Underdog winner for the month of March while at rehearsals at Cantare to talk about his style. I quite like his flavour so I asked him to explain to us what Skhethu Rap and kwaNdebele Trap is. He takes us through his writing process and how he's grown to find his flavour in the music.

Having moved to Jo'burg to pursue his dreams, we asked him how he managed to convince his parents to let him go and his approach on this sensitive matter is pretty dope. Dear Tellaman, this is your fax by the way. The kid would like to work with you in future. Can I also just say that Mega appears quite shy on here, then you see him on stage and he completely transforms into some crazy superstar. I couldn't believe my eyes. I'll be looking out for him thank you!