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On The Ground: @Palmtree_ZA On The Durban Scene x How They Met

We were On The Ground with Palm Tree Paradise during their Jozi trip and we spoke to them about their sound and how the whole group functions. I won't lie, we wouldn't be mistaken to call them the new age Skwatta Kamp. The story of how they met though is so touching, it really attests to the fact that there is power in numbers. Just look at how far they've come together as opposed to individuals.

Anyway, they explain in person how they hooked up with DJ Speedsta through Scoop. They give us the lowdown on the close knit culture eDubane as well as what inspires their look. We could be getting a remix for their current smash Unvelievable too! Aich! Did I also mention that collabos on deck for these guys include Khuli Chana, Da Les and Reason? When they said they're coming to Jo'burg to work, THEY MEANT IT.

Have a look!