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On The Ground: @LavidaNota Talks #SAMA23 Debacle x Rewarding True Art

Rap Lyf's Nota had a few things to get off his chest pending the disqualification of Nasty C's two music videos from the Best Music Video category at the 23rd annual SAMAs a week ago. He speaks of Thobela Dlamini, General Manager at Mabala Noise and current Chairman of the SAMAs, who he thinks his decisions are damaging to the credibility of Nasty C as an artist given that he ought to be well versed on the rules of engagement.

In another valid point, Nota mentions how radio is needed to help grow internet stars who have the potential to cross over to a bigger audience and this can only be done by truly giving new talent a chance even though they may not afford to pay to get on. An important conversation this is.

What's your take?