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On The Ground: Music Industry Roots For @KwestaDaKAR #SAMA23 Triumph

While we were backstage at Back To The City, we went around asking a few cats in the industry who they thought would get the SAMA for Best Rap Album and without a doubt, most were rooting for Kwesta to win.

The nominees for the category are A Reece, Kwesta, Khuli Chana, Stogie T and Nasty C. Of all the eight people we went around asking (yes, we swept the area for this), only Lindi (A&R and Marketing Consultant at TurnUp Music) gave us a different answer, saying she hopes Stogie takes it home. DJ Zai Maya, Rashid and Rouge broke down why they thought K1 god deserves the award and how he's BEEN the most consistent rapper in the game. We also had Mochene, DJ Zan D, Priddy Ugly and Shabzi who said it like it was; that the SAMA definitely has Kwesta's name on it for real. With all the drama that's been going on in the industry, let's hope the award goes to the most deserving artist. Who are you rooting for? Drop us a comment.