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On The Ground: @MsCosmoDJ On What #UnderdogDay Is About

We caught up with Ms Cosmo during our monthly #UnderdogDay show at Cantare's Phat Thursdays where the September winner Chealex Mpanza was performing that night. She explains very passionately what the underdog feature is all about. It's all about putting new talent on and giving someone an opportunity to grow their brand that much more.

Now, I've been getting questions about how it works exactly. Simple things:

  • Submit your music to [email protected] cc [email protected] and [email protected]
  • In that email, make sure you have the soundcloud link to your joint, an artwork attached, your twitter handles and all information about the song and artist (a mini bio if you will).

The selection and voting process:

  • We'll inform you once your song has been selected to feature and also if it hasn't. We give you feedback on what to improve if your song needs work.
  • Since there are 5 songs in a day, we post each one every hour. Don't panic if your song is not up yet.
  • There is a poll on each post, vote for your favourite and ALSO "like" the post on Facebook. The Facebook likes are very important too.
  • You have until Monday to keep voting, the winner for each week will be announced on the Tuesday, the same day that the new underdogs for that week are announced.

Performing at Cantare:

  • After 4 weeks of the weekly voting process, an overall winner from the weekly winners is chosen to perform at the Underdog show at one of Cantare's Phat Thursdays (Details are communicated with the winner).
  • In addition to that, your song will feature on Ms Cosmo's "New Heat" during The Stir Up on 5FM.

And that is how it all works!