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On The Ground: @MrCashtime x @okmalumkoolkat #FreeKon Video

We shared some pics of the action from last week Friday's free koncert put up by K.O and Okmalumkoolkat, and now we're ready to share some of the conversations we had with the guys backstage. Before all that though, here's a glimpse of all the greatness you missed out on in a montage. Simply because if you were not there, we cannot describe, report nor illustrate the atmosphere that was. Siyak' zama nje na lana!

I need to add that the show was madness. Okmalumkoolkat's performance was like something I've never seen before. The chemistry he had with the crowd was moving and unforgettable. Come to K.O's performance, he brought out Pro and Smashis for some good old classics that had the whole room whipped. And when Don Dada plays like it is in the video, I can't get over how they literally performed the joint three times! THREE TIMES OVER. Enough to have it ingrained in your mind forever. Epic times!

Have a look:

Download Don Dada here