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On The Ground: @MrCashtime Talks Working With @okmalumkoolkat x Representing The Culture

We caught up with the mastermind behind the KOOK #FreeKon which took place over a week ago. He spoke to us about working with Okmalumkoolkat and what inspired the free concert. He also tells us how they managed to shoot the music video for Don Dada way before the track actually dropped. When asked about his next album, he said to expect it early next year due to the fact that Maggz' album is set to drop in the next month.

K.O is all about being true to oneself and it's evident in the way he insists on keeping with his working formula where the music is concerned. Most importantly, he just wants to represent South Africa and be part of the culture by contributing in any way that he can. You must respect this man. What an admirable persona.

Have a look:

Download Don Dada here