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On The Ground: @Lex_LaFoy On Introspection x How She Met @iFani_Haymani

We caught up with the bubbly Lex Lafoy at the Butan Wear 15 year celebration and she let us in on how her and iFani met back in 2014. She tells about how they've gone on a spiritual introspection and are meditating on positive energy and growth. It's really admirable to see that there are kindred spirits that feed off each other's energy and inspire goodness within each other.

When asked about her music, she tells us how acting has offloaded the pressure off her to produce more music. This is dope 'cause she says that her relationship with music is now improved as result. We like it that way honestly...

Check out the chat:

Here's that dope video for iFani's Sushi Dip which she mentions: