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On The Ground: @KwestaDaKAR After 6 Awards, A Platinum Album x 5 Time Platinum Single - What's Next?

We're only halfway through the year and we can safely say it has been a big year for Kwesta thus far because finally he has been recognised by music industry awards for what a lot of his people have been seeing and saying about him. A win. Deserved WINS to be exact. I swear we were all hanging on a string the night before the SAMAs kicked off.

A full circle moment right here as he and Slik connect over what these awards and plaques mean for him. Humble as he'll always be, he acknowledges the people who have supported him always, as well as the core of what this is about: the music. Is he feeling any pressure right now? Just a little. But because we never made music to win anything, we continue with new music. Kwesta says he's working on the best music he wants to do and we can't wait to hear what's in store for us from DaKAR. Congratulations on going 6 times platinum king, and having the biggest songs in the country.