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On The Ground: @Dat_boy_KK On The State Of Namibian Hip Hop x His Record Label

We're still hanging out in Namibia, out at the Sneakers and Hip Hop Festival that took place in Komasdal, Windhoek. Talking to KK about the state of Namibian Hip Hop, he thinks that the industry is well on its way in terms of growth but that artists could do their best in improving music quality, brand building and corporates could also invest more into the scene.

When asked about the sense in artists singing other artists he says that if you're gonna be selfish with the help and resources, don't be doing that at all. And it makes sense because ultimately as an artist you have to shine too. Shout out to him for making history in being the first record label owner to be nominated with his artists at the Namibian Music Awards!

Have a look:

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