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On The Ground: @KhuliChana Biggest Hip Hop Moments '16 x #FillUpOrlandoStadium

We were On The Ground at the Orlando, and we caught up with King K to talk about how he felt about Casper's achievement and he was in awe. He raises a very valid point about having a million followers, but the real difference is in converting them into actual supporters in order to pull off something of this magnitude. Khuli Chana lets us in on his biggest SA Hip Hop moments of the year thus far as well as his current One Source project with Absolut. The EP is out already and you can cop it online as we await the album in February.

Khuli says "we don't do [music] gaps no more!" Aye, watch the throne!

Ps. Raise your hands if you witnessed that massive performance of One Source at the Orlando?