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On The Ground: @Jesse_Suntele_ On Why He Did #VuzuHustle x Capitalising On The Internet

Jesse Suntele wears so many hats and now we're exposed to another hat of his, the rapper. I for one was shocked when I first saw him on Vuzu Hustle, I was like, "isn't that Officer Bae?" Fast forward to today and we know that he's got some bars up his sleeves which is precisely why he contested on this show. He says that he wanted people to witness his talent as opposed to disregarding him as another chance taker in this music thing. I can relate fam. You always gotta prove yourself and we respect you for taking this initiative. I think if you hadn't, a lot of us would've undoubtedly been skeptical about your first music drop. Now we trust!

Peep the chat below: