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On The Ground: @DJDdoubleD x @2freshLES x @GeminiMajor x @ItsYangaChief In Studio

We headed out to Da Les' studio where DJ D Double D and the gents were putting in some work with Da Les, Gemini Major and Yanga out there. First of all we had to speak to him about the decision to finally release music and then we check on his "North" status. He's legit!

Da LES talks to us about his studio space and opening it up to many artists to work at, as well as his relationship with DJ D Double D and the fellas. Gemini on the other hand relays the story of how he started out in music and that he wasn't always planning to be a musician. Well we're thanking the music gods he's here now 'cause he's been on one with these features and productions lately. Not forgetting Chief, and his North passport granted by the god, hahaha. He's good peoples man, his chemistry with the guys is what made them fux with him so you know the music speaks for itself.

Check it out:

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