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On The Ground: @CassperNyovest On His New Leaf x Filling Up Orlando Stadium

We had a sit down with Cassper Nyovest at his photo shoot with international photographer Jonathan Mannion who was in the country. We spoke to him about the success of filling up Orlando Stadium and how the united the whole game. I won't lie, the solidarity was so inspiring to watch. He gives us the lowdown on the peace between him and AKA. They've been cool for months now and the picture that sent Twitter into a frenzy on the Orlando weekend and the week thereafter was merely a natural moment that was blown up by the internet of course.

What's inspiring though is how humble Cassper is and how focused wants to be, citing The Principal when he said "Don't pay attention to the love or the hate". That's really the best mantra one could have for themselves. The young CEO is in a good place man and it's showing.

Tap into the positivity below:

The article that Slikour keeps referring to is titled "Four Reasons #FillUpOrlandoStadium Is S.A Black Excellence" and you need to tap into that too.

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