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On The Ground: @iamBIGDREAMZ & @1Bstyles On #VuzuHustle Top 2, New Music & Exporting Freeze Frame

We caught up with Big Dreamz and Brandon, aka B Styles, to talk about their involvement in Vuzu Hustle season 2. Big Dreamz is the real definition of coming full circle as he started on the show as a photographer (S1) to ending up in the stu with Gemini Major producing a track with the Top 3 finalists of the show in the next season. GROWTH!

Brandon on the other hand has been responsible for heading the performance design of the finalists with his formidable crew, Freeze Frame. If you're someone who remembers the "Strictly Hip Hop" days you'll know how far this crew has come in the game from street dance underdogs to becoming SA's leading go-to dance clique! Anyway, he says the aim is now to export Freeze Frame to the rest of the world, something that is not impossible as they have already been representing SA in international competitions for the past few years.

Peep who they were each rooting for and what their plans for the rest of the year are: