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On The Ground: @reece_youngking & @Ex_Global Talk Gaining Support, New Music & #TOWTM

There is much to talk about whenever we bump into The Wrecking Crew members, and this is evident with our chat to Reece and Ex. We had to get light on the amazing Feelings video which by the way, got Riky Rick's attention so much so that he rendered his own version of the song! Shout out to Ofentse Mwase for taking in the homies and doing marvelous work with them.

Ex breaks down how the collabo with Chad Da Don on Money And The Power played out, along with how much love he's been receiving for his So What music video. It makes my heart smile that Cap City is getting more representation on the scene with the young guns, something that N'veigh once mentioned.

What about the new "The Oh Well Touche Mindset" series? Apparently we'll be getting more of that as the crew drops new content along the way. We love it already so you know we're anticipating more editions. There's just so much to look out for from one of PTA's hottest crews right now!