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@DjSwitchSA #NowOrNever Remix Starting Lineup

Dj Switch's highly anticipated remix to the critically acclaimed smash, "Now Or Never", will be unveiled tomorrow & just to wet fans appetites peep the verse starting lineup...

At Goalie, The OG, "Pro" will get things started

At Central Defense, we have "Kaapstad Naaier", Youngsta

At Right Back, we got K1 Slayer, "Reason The Mass"

At Sweeper, we got the "Siz n Scoop" alumni, Ginger Trill aka Ginger Breadman

Holding Midfielder, we have "Deep Soweto's Ripper", Siya Shezi

At Central Midfield, we got the "Rookie of the Year", contender Kid Tini

At the Attacking Midfield position of the joint, we have the "East Rand God", Priddy Ugly

Coming on the Right Wing, we got Gold Certified selling artist, Zakwe

Shane Eagle; who's already packed a heavy punch from the original version; coming in at Left Wing

In the In and Out Striker position, we got, "The Hustle" Winner, Big Star Johnson

Blak Lez, "The Spoko hitmaker" coming in at Central Forward

Proverb, the undisputed veteran will be guiding the remix to the finish line, as The Coach of the joint.