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News: The Lowdown on @duboizsa x Tyga's Collaboration

YES! This is what we were talking about this week on our #BalconyInterviews regarding international relationships and creating a culture of exchange. Mabala Noise rapper Duboiz's next single Dope Dream features newest G.O.O.D Music signee, Tyga, to which they shot the video for on Wednesday, 21st September 2016 with Matt Alonzo and Colab Studios, LLC. This is dope! The joint's not out yet but half the work has already been done to ensure it propels beyond your average release. Tyga shot scenes with DuBoiz as well as solo scenes. DuBoiz says, “It was all a dream….no pun intended. I found myself looking in the mirror during the day, asking myself if this was reality. And it was - my reality of being in the US, shooting a music video with Tyga.” These are exciting times to be alive. South Africans are taking matters into their hands and aiming higher than just our borders with this music. The world needs to hear us, and S/O to Duboiz and Mabala for ensuring that this is done accordingly! Homie's back home now and says he can't wait to see the first edit what with the director and the team being creative and "the girls [being] on fire." I don't think Duboiz could possibly be as excited as we are to see the outcome.

Some snaps from the shoot: