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Is "Straight Outta Soweto" Hopefully Breaking The Joburg Hip Hop Artist Drought In The Mainstream?

There hasn't been a new generation of Joburg Hip Hop in a minute. Infact its fair to say that Joburg bred new school hip hoppers are almost non existent in the mainstream. We haven't heard some Joburg hood cats in the mainstream for a long time. Is this "STRAIGHT OUTTA SOWETO" hopefully going to break the curse? Lookout for this KayE joint dropping this week featuring RedButton, DK,F-eezy,KingSbudaP,RevTumza, (from GP Gangsta) NeoBeats, BrunoGoodfella, IamCruzAfrika, MasevenOpse,AxeRay, DaRealFroz,IamChippa,MaAzo1,KuppaCheeno,LadyLogicSA,CostaM ,MirusZA,@Sfs5star on the hook